Lufthansa Technik - A350

Interactive product presentation

As one of the first major team efforts, we conceived the digital experience for Lufthansa’s brand new A350. Showcasing the immense technical experience of Germany’s largest airline, we cooperated with Matthias Hamann to bring the latest innovation in aviation on all digital devices — down to the iPad.

The web app includes amongst others teasers for important and new topics, an technical overview of all A350 features, details and information graphics about all services and background informations about the important people behind the team.

The web app can be used in an offline modus and so it is independent of place and internet access.

Bringing concepts, ideas and designs to live was a task that laid in the hands of Kay—through the entire process from concept papers until the interactive development.

The entire 3D work including the rendering was done by Christoffer Wolters.

HAMANN MEDIEN, Lufthansa Technik
Concept, Design, Prototype: Felix Waldow
3D Artwork: Christoffer Wolters
Concept, PM & Account: Matthias Hamann
Development: Kay Wiegand